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BM3 A90/A91 Toyota Supra ECU Tune A Brewed E-tune using BM3 for the MK5 Supra unlocks hidden HP while improving reliability and fuel consumption. .


Real St Performance Stage 1 Tune + ECU Flasher A90 MKV Supra GT 2020+ HYD-MKV-STG1.

Follow up video after I got the brake recall done on my 2020 A90 Supra. 00. .

2022 is in the same boat as most 2021’s regarding tuning, so it doesn’t matter which you get unless you can find a pre-6/20 ECU 2021.

. If you are not local you will need to ship us the ECU/DME. .

We offer this service for $695 Shipped. Crazy thing is ive hit up everyone from @Titan Motorsports @Kies Motorsports @AMSPerformance an 3 others about getting this thing unlocked an sadly not one single response.

Regular price $ 700.

Follow up video after I got the brake recall done on my 2020 A90 Supra.

Applies to: ALL Bosch MG1 ECU/DME that are dated June 2020 and previous. .

JB4, downpipe ( catless) h2O/ Methanol injection, k&n air filter (replacement cartridge), intake pipe, stock exhaust. .

0 Premium.
0 Premium.
Bootmod3 Flash Tune for BMWs and Toyota Supra.



. . B58 ECU Bench Unlock **ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH ECUTEK** $400.

. A90 Supra FEMTO Tuning. Their A90 was the first in the world to dip into the 8-second range when it did so in late 2020. BMW S58 G80/G82 FEMTO Unlock - CLICK HERE. Toyota Supra A90 & A91 Chassis (2020) BMW M240i, M340i, 440i -. Apr 1, 2021 · 54.


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This service will enable will the customer to continue to flash the DME via OBD programming.

This service requires us to plug directly into the ECU/DME.

A90 Supra FEMTO Tuning.

Now I can tune.

CSG Spec - GR Supra - DIY Track Day Power Package.