Apr 5, 2021 · This 14-month-old podcast from standup comedians Adam Rowe and Dan Nightingale is outrageously funny.

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Most of the stories are journalism, but the podcast will occasionally include an essay, comedy routine, or short.

Live Long and Master Aging.

1. . Then, macaroni holer Grance Prebs stops by to talk about the macaroni holing process.

Its comedy is related to cars which offers you a smooth way to learn car operations.

Jan 16, 2019 · Freakonomics – While not exclusively a podcast for seniors, Freakonomics is an entertaining podcast that covers how economics play a role in our culture, health, and activities. co. But some types of laughter are preserved.

Gan was the company’s chief marketing and. Sure, there’s plenty of fun trivia questions, but there’s also original.

Jul 31, 2020 · 6.

Comedians Greg Hess and Holly Laurent introduce listeners to the congregation who make.

52:39. These podcasts can be enjoyed by anybody but are loosely aimed at the 55+ demographic, and kind of defy categorization beyond that.


Planet Money: Similar to Freakonomics Radio, this podcast is a fun and entertaining way to explore and explain economics.

Dubner uses economics to explain and understand a wide range of topics in this popular podcast.

“We are a platform for all kinds of content creators,” Amrapali Gan said at Fortune’s 2023 Most Powerful Women Next Gen summit Wednesday.

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9. But those with dementia can feel offended by humor, too. Older adults who grew up in the pre-digital age may feel quite intimidated by all the new digital technology. . Its comedy is related to cars which offers you a smooth way to learn car operations. Here are a few more you might like to check out that didn’t make the list and while they aren’t exclusive to women over 50, I feel they are good for people of all ages to give a listen to: Jay Shetty.


Duncan Trussell Family Hour. .

In China, they are finding more help in navigating the wired world.

The better health while aging podcast.

Living to 100.


Better Health While Again.